The world’s cheapest 3D printer costs only $99.99…but there’s one caveat

The ability to print three dimensional objects has caught the imagination of millions and now a little known Chinese company is selling what is possibly the cheapest 3D printer available on the open market.

The Tronxy X1 is, unsurprisingly, an entry level model with the added inconvenience that it is, like many of its competitors, a DIY kit. It means that you will have to assemble it using a video; better than any paper manuals. 

It usually retails for $115.99 but Gearbest has a voucher that brings the price down to $99.99. Use the code U363AD0D5558D000 at checkout. It includes free shipping and you won’t be able to use other coupons. Bear in mind as well that you may have to pay extra taxes depending where you live as Gearbest ships globally.

The Tronxy X1 has a maximum printing volume of 150 x 150 x 150mm – great for an introduction to 3D – and uses widely available (and therefore cheap) PLA filaments. A 0.4mm nozzle is provided by default but finer models all the way down to 0.1mm are also available.

You can either use a computer to print directly or use a SD card to load your designs directly. Just bear in mind that 3D printing in general has a steep learning curve and that every printer – unlike their inkjet counterpart – has its own quirks.

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