This Honor 10 deal brings the phone back down to its lowest price ever

With the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets costing you more than £1,000 these days, demand for genuinely good budget phones isn’t going away. And right now the Honor 10 could be the way to go, especially now that the phone is being sold with its lowest pricing ever.

A superb mid-range smartphone with quite the impressive camera, the Honor 10 still has an RRP of £399.99. But just like it was on Amazon Prime Day, selected retailers are currently selling the device for an eye-catching £209.99 giving you a second chance to get the Honor 10 at this all-low price.

At this kind of cost, you probably wouldn’t expect features like face-unlock technology that much pricier phones like the iPhone XS boast – and that’s almost a grand!

Not sure whether the Honor 10 is the phone for you or where to get it? Keep calm and keep reading, we’ve got you sorted…


This budget Honor 10 deal:

Is this Honor 10 deal worth buying?

The attractive thing about the Honor 10 is that you’ll be getting an affordable 2018 mobile but won’t have to miss out on a lot of modern smartphone features. Consider these 5 reasons why the Honor 10 could be the phone for you

  • Store away: This Android stands strong with 128GB of storage, so you won’t be receiving any pesky notifications asking you to delete your favourite apps or pictures.
  • Technology: It has the same fingerprint scanning and face-unlock technology similar to other much more expensive 2018 flagship phones like the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • Camera: Honor’s dual main camera with 24MP and 16MP tied along with artificial intelligence makes for excellent pictures. Plus it comes packed with a portrait mode with enhanced beautification, 4-in-1 light fusion leading to top photos in low light, and the 3D portrait lighting drastically improves the quality of your photos and their lighting effects give your photos a studio quality.
  • Battery: Their 3,4000mAh battery lasted for over 24 hours in our tests. On top of that, the Honor 10’s supercharge technology allows you to charge up to 50% in 25 minutes- so you can always be on the go.
  • Sleek design: OK a bit more vain here but important to some – we think the phone looks super cool either in its Phantom Blue, Midnight Black, Glacier Grey or Phantom Green.

To read our in-depth review of the Honor 10, click the link and check out the full spec on this 4.5-star phone.

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